At Raffaello Network we offer only the best brand names and high quality Designer Goods.

We proudly stand behind the authenticity of our goods, which are normally sourced through the Authorized Distribution Networks. All products come with their original packaging and authenticity card.


The trademarks associated with the products sold on this page and website are not owned by Raffaello Network, and Raffaello Network is not associated with or endorsed by those trademarks’ original owners. Raffaello Network makes use of such brand names and other trademarks to the minimum extent necessary to advertise the goods originally sold under those brands as being available for resale through this website. Raffaello Network is allowed to make such limited use of other’s trademarks through the nominative fair use legal doctrine.

Raffaello Newtork disclaims any implied representation or warranty with regard to this site or its contents, including the merchandise offered on this site.

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All contents and pictures of our websites are copyrighted. All rights reserved. All other trademarks, product names, company names and logos appearing on our websites are the property of their respective owners.


Content and product pictures can be used without consent only in the following circumstances:

1) The website, Portal, Search Engine or any other medium has the intention of promoting our products and links directly, or through third parties, to our websites, with the final aim of generating sales on our websites or promoting its awareness

2) An affiliation program publisher (e.g. CJ) uses images, content and description to promote our sites and links directly, or through an affiliate program, to our sites, with the final aim of generating sales on our websites

Consent may be receded at any time.


The words "Websites" and "Sites" refer to any of the following URL and all of its sub-pages:

And all other websites that share the same product images and descriptions taken from the www.raffaello-network.com database


La documentazione, le immagini, i caratteri, il lavoro artistico, la grafica, le fotografie di prodotto, le descrizioni di prodotto, il software e altri contenuti del sitio, e tutti i codici e format scripts necessari per sua implementazione, sono di proprietà della società Raffaello Network S.p.A. oppure di diritto di implementazione esclusivo della stessa.

Il materiale contenuto nel sitio web è protetto da copyright.

Se non espressamente previsto, non è possibile copiare, modificare, caricare, scaricare, trasmettere o ri-pubblicare per la ridistribuzione a terzi per scopi commerciali il materiale contenuto nel sitio web, comprese le foto e le descrizioni dei prodotti, il design ed i dati di giacenza di magazzino.

Le fotografie dei prodotti non possono essere in alcun modo copiate, in tutto o in parte, ritoccate, distribuite e pubblicate o altrimenti utilizzate.

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