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Sunglasses 2021 Online Shop

As well as protecting the eyes, sunglasses have increasingly become a useful and glamorous accessory. In fact sunglasses are now considered fundamental to a woman’s look as they define her individual style and idiosyncrasies. At our online store you will find a range of models and colors from every international designer, all of which include an essential element: the quality of the materials and lenses. Each pair of glasses is carefully checked in order to guarantee the best performance and highest level of safety.

Gucci proposes enormous celluloid shields with frames that evoke the savannah, and gradient lenses in matching colors, while Christian Dior rediscovers squarer shapes and color pairings that reflect the fashion house’s elegant minimalism. Adorned with details that turn them into real jewels, Bulgari shades remind us of the past as well as the present of the prestigious fashion house, while Fendi likes to reflect the style of its cult accessories with the chi-chi double F signature detail, so they will coordinate perfectly with your outfit.

This section is dedicated to the sale of top brand women’s sunglasses in the 2021 Collection. Don’t forget to check out our Outlet section, where you will find a pick of luxury items at discounted prices.

All prices include sales tax, VAT or customs duties for all countries in the world. You will not be charged any extra fees