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Ties are endowed with an intensely symbolic power that can influence the way our image is perceived by others. Behavioral Science scholars inform us that the first impression is what counts, and that no other item of clothing transmits such a sense of self-assurance and reliability. While this is a widely accepted fact, more emphasis should be placed on the importance of the product's quality. Indeed, through the beauty of its fabric and design a tie of fine quality reflects our style and love of beautifully made objects. In this respect, the models of reputable Italian brands are the best on the market. A tradition of silk craftsmanship that dates back centuries and a sense of taste deeply rooted in Italy's artistic heritage: this is still the winning formula for the best men's accessories whose quality has that unmistakable look and feel.

At our online store you will find the best makes of tie, all rigorously Made in Italy – particularly in the Como and Biella areas. For a distinctly classic style we recommend brands such as Zegna and Armani, but if you're looking for a touch of flair you'll find inspiration in labels like Versace, Kenzo, or Vitaliano Pancaldi. Of course these are only a few of the brands we stock. In fact, our website went online in 1998 to market designer ties, then gradually expanded to include all our other departments. Clients who want to buy ties online can rely on our specialization and experience, and on a choice of about 15,000 models by 70 different designers.

Fashion trends gradually change over time yet we feel that with neckties, more than with any other product, what really matters is your personal taste and the opportunity to express your personality. In the latest collections ties have reasserted their role, not only as part of formal or business attire but also as a trendy accessory to wear on any occasion, complementing your look with a touch of creativity. Happy hunting!

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