The Gucci brand has been the symbol of undisputed quality in the leather field for almost 100 years. Past time and now, Gucci established itself as a luxury fashion label in the clothing, accessories and jewelry field. The quality of their fabrics, materials and the originality of their styles made Gucci the symbol of Made in Italy, in the process to become one of the most acclaimed brands worldwide.


Gucci is an example of how design can be highly innovative, yet solid over generations. And testimonials prove it.


Gucci handbags are the epitome of Italian elegance and craftsmanship. The unmatched quality and design of Gucci are highlighted through intricate hardware, signature fabrics and the finest leathers. The iconic Gucci logo comes stamped on handbags that can be brought to the office, to the café or to a whirlwind weekend in the city.


Gucci women's shoes will help any woman put her best (and most stylish) foot forward. The finest materials take the stage in sexy stilettos, winsome wedges and fantastic flats- to name a few. The color palette is as diverse as the styles, allowing the Gucci woman to choose between neutrals, metallic, pastels or neon. Every step will make a statement.


Gucci men's shoes are for the man who can make everyday elegance look effortless. Italian craftsmanship, iconic logos and the finest materials will make the Gucci man stand out in a crowd. Whether he's leading a boardroom or kicking back in a bedroom, it is easy to stay in step with Gucci on his feet.


Dress shirts by Gucci ensure that when the clothing makes a man it does so in style. The trademark Gucci elegance is attained through the perfect fit, quality fabrics and classic lines that honor the masculine form. Whether paired with a three piece suit or simple slacks, a Gucci shirt provides subtle sophistication.


Gucci women's wallets provide a portable way to enjoy Italian elegance. Whether she needs to tuck away her credit cards in a leather wallet, touch up her makeup in a heart shaped compact or keep the keys close by- Gucci has a product for the modern day superwoman that is always on the go.


Gucci men's wallets bring high style, fashion and quality to an everyday product. The modern man can stash his cash between folds of leather or fabric emblazoned with the iconic logo. Music men can even find a Gucci case to make that iPod more elegant.


Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn helped make Gucci women's clothing iconic. Contemporary women can strike a classic pose or head for uncharted waters in a more adventurous Gucci piece. Quality fabrics, ingenious designs and the elegance associated with the brand make every item a wardrobe staple.


Designed for those who want to make an impression, Gucci men's clothing last without saying a word. European sophistication at its finest, Gucci clothing can follow a man from work to leisure to play without skipping a beat. The stylish designs and quality fabrics make every Gucci piece a worthy investment.


Gucci women's belts can provide subtle support or bold contrast to any ensemble. Quality materials combine with fine hardware and the signature Gucci logo to create a staple accessory for a woman's wardrobe. Prepare to buckle in to the luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gucci brand.


Gucci men's belts provide a subtle statement of sophistication to looks for the office or leisure. Whether leather or fabric, a belt with the instantly recognizable Gucci logo makes it obvious that the wearer appreciates the finer things& and knows how to use them.


Women's accessories by Gucci can make even an ordinary outfit extraordinary. Top off a look with a Gucci hat, adorn with high fashion jewelry or check the hour on a timeless timepiece. Quality, style and luxury combine to make every Gucci accessory a small piece of art.


Gucci briefcases ensure that the modern professional can carry their occupational weapons in sophisticated style. Italian craftsmanship, luxurious materials and the logo make it clear that the owner means business. There is no better way to make a strong case for style than through Gucci.

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It started from humble beginnings in 1920. Guccio Gucci opened a shop in Florence featuring his fine leathergoods accessories for men and women. Soon after, he and his sons, Aldo, Ugo, Vasco and Rodolfo, spread the Gucci name to Rome and Milan.
By the late 50's the Gucci mystique had gripped American fashion, with stores opening in several major cities. Legends such as Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy helped make Gucci a household name and lent the brand the glamorous image it enjoys to this day.
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